Montreal Travel: Mont Royal and Old Montreal

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August 13, 2017
Cuba fest in montreal, quebec,july 2012
August 13, 2017

If you want to read more about my trip to Montreal please go to: On June 29, 2006 I headed off in the comfort …



  1. BETO BERG says:

    Muito legal!!! Montreal é linda!

  2. lildood22 says:

    Just so you know Montreal was voted best places to live in the world 8 times in a row up until 2008. Also was rated one of the cleanest cities for it's size by the UN…. there will always be dirty areas …

  3. @THELASTHUMAIN ……..its got more trees and a livelier history than Toronto. exciting things happened on that island! and the architecture is better than the stale stuff in Toronto! and Montreal chicks always had more fashion sense! 🙂

  4. Willis Willx says:

    although Montreal is more expensive than Toronto but Monty is more beautiful and cultural than Torry. feels like Monte Carlo and France

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