August 24, 2017

Don’t You Worry Child at Beach Club in MTL

Sorry my finger gets in the way at some point. I couldn’t get the whole song because my phone ran out of space… And I was
August 17, 2017

On the Beach: Daytona Beach, Memorial Day 2017

Everyone seems to be enjoying and behaving themselves late morning on Memorial Day 2017, Daytona Beach. It looks like a family friendly place. I could …
August 6, 2017

North Manitou Island Memorial Day Weekend 2017 Hiking/Camping Trip

Just a few vids/clips of our backcountry camping/hiking trip Memorial Day weekend 2017. source
August 3, 2017

Myrtle Beach Boulevard POV – May 2017 – Memorial Day Weekend | Attractions

Ocean Boulevard POV during Memorial Day weekend 2017. source